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Memory & Alzheimer's Care in Melbourne, Florida

At Grand Villa of Melbourne, we designed a Memory Care Neighborhood that provides all the Grand Villa services and amenities with upgrades and special features that meet the individual needs of residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our state of the art community offers special medication and resident care technology that provides peace of mind by helping to ensure that care is provided on time.

The artfully designed community offers a home-like environment allows freedom of movement in an exit-controlled setting. Residents live in private or companion apartments located in one of two residential areas, the Key West or the Charleston. The distinct colors and theme of each area and apartment help the residents navigate the neighborhood. In addition, the domed ceilings help differentiate day from night. Apartments are comfortable and inviting, and include many safety features. Each apartment is equipped with state-of-the-art motion sensors, which when activated send an alert to caregivers who can respond as needed. The motion sensors also include a lighting system in and around the bathroom, which provide a guiding light at night and can help residents gain balance and vision without a jarring bright white light.

Grand Villa of Melbourne

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About the Memory Care Program

Our Memory Care program blends cutting edge technology and the most current research in memory care to create activities specifically for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Residents have the option to be involved in daily recreational and therapeutic activities, such as Dakim® Brain Fitness, that encourage independence and preserve dignity.

Life Skill Stations

Life Skills Stations recreate familiar situations from the past– like a baby nursery, an office or a hobby workbench. Residents become socially engaged in these familiar settings, which sustains their memories, as well as provides them with cognitive exercises and physical movement. Our Memory Care Neighborhood is a special environment where residents are free to explore, touch, and choose their own activities, which enables them to engage in their surroundings, living life with a purpose.

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